Invited speakers

Humboldt-University Berlin

Prof. Philipp Adelhelm

Professor for physical chemistry & electrochemistry at Humboldt-University Berlin and head of a joint research group on operando battery analysis at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB)

Universidad del Pais Vasco

Prof. Dr. Michel Armand

Scientific advisor

National University of Singapore

Prof. Palani Balaya

Since 2014, he works as an Associate Professor at NUS

CIC energiGUNE.

Dr. Montse Casas-Cabanas

Scientific coordinator of the Electrochemical Energy Storage Area and group leader of the Advanced Electrode Materials group at CIC energiGUNE

Deakin University

Prof. Maria Forsyth (to be confirmed)

Professor Fellow Australian Academy of Sciences an Alfred Deakin Professorial Fellow at Deakin University and an Ikerbasque Visiting Professorial Fellow."

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Germany

Dr. Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac

Project Leader at Research & Development EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Germany

University of Warwick (WMG)

Dr. Ivana Hasa

Assistant Professor of Electrochemical Materials

SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Jiang

Senior Director,
SIB department, SVOLT

Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Christopher S. Johnson

Electrochemical Energy Storage Theme Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division


Prof. Emma Kendrick

Professor of Energy Materials, School of Metallurgy and Materials and lead of the Energy Materials Group (EMG).

Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Prof. Shinichi Komaba

Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Xiaolin Li

Senior scientist and the team leader of the Battery Development and Reliability group

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL)

Prof. Chuying Ouyang

Vice President of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL)

University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)

Prof. Teofilo Rojo

Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Lancaster University

Dr. Nuria Tapia Ruiz

Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University


Dr. Ruth Sayers

Director of Technology at FARADION

Queen Mary University of London

Prof. Magda Titirici

Chair in Sustainable Energy Materials at Imperial College London and a Chair in Emerging Technologies via the Royal Academy of Engineering

Natron Energy, Inc.

Dr. Colin Wessells

CEO, Natron Energy

Ångström Advanced Battery Centre at Uppsala University, Sweden

Prof. Reza Younesi

Associate Professor and ALTRIS co-founder