International and Scientific Boards

Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée in Bordeaux (ICMCB-CNRS, France)


CNRS Research Director

Deakin University

Prof. Maria Forsyth

Professor Fellow Australian Academy of Sciences an Alfred Deakin Professorial Fellow at Deakin University and an Ikerbasque Visiting Professorial Fellow."

Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Christopher S. Johnson

Electrochemical Energy Storage Theme Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division

Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Prof. Shinichi Komaba

Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Xiaolin Li

Senior scientist and the team leader of the Battery Development and Reliability group

University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)

Prof. Teofilo Rojo

Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Projektträger Jülich

Dr. Felix Schrader (Scientific Board Member)

Responsible for active management and strategic consulting in the development and implementation of research projects and funding initiatives, also in the European and international context.